Week 5: Superman 2.0 – Helping the world one click at a time

“Oh you watched a 30minute Kony video? You must be a social activist!”

Have you ever felt empowered when signing a petition online, sharing a video about a cause, liked a non-for profit organisation, changed your profile picture to reflect a movement, used an advocacy hashtag? I certainly have until now.


The convergence culture has emerged as one of participation, where prosumers are able to interact with political unrest, social tension and charitable organisations through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. So have we become more connected or disconnected? Whilst raising awareness and proving ‘the power of the movement’, such as the Egypt Revolution in 2011, these acts of heroism do little to aid the route of the problem, where they have created distractions from the real issues at heart.

We are the new audience known as slacktivists. Where platforms have become the centre for launching activist campaigns, in which individuals can broadcast to an entire network using little time or involvement. Although it may seem like an act of citizen journalism, ’employing press tools in possession to inform one another’, slacktivism is an act of of feeling valiant, included, supportive and empowered. Take a look at my presentation below to see if you are a Superman 2.0?