Week 10: Who are you dating online?

Have you ever tried online dating? Including platforms such as Tinder, Bumble, Happn or OkCupid. Don’t lie… Studies show that 10% of the Australian population used the Tinder service in 2014!

With an explosion of the online dating realm worldwide, the public has become increasingly aware of the authenticity of persona’s on the internet, where anonymity in the online space has allowed individuals to present themselves differently to how they are truly represented (Moore, C 2016).

We are constantly forced to create profiles and logins for each service we use, allowing us to enhance our personality, looks and qualifications to impress other nodes in the network (both human and non-human). The ability to ‘put on a mask’ and adopt a different role in society has become a craze, in which consumers who utilise online dating services and deem themselves unattractive are more likely to enhance their profile photographs and lie about their physical descriptors (height, weight, age). Below I have created a step by step guide to creating your own fake profile:

Steps to Create a Fake Profile

Similar to bots, the anonymity of online dating services as an intercommunication tool has brought much benefit, including protecting user privacy and free speech, it also poses considerable security threats to online activities. Upon further research I discovered the “FaceTrust” platform, which uses social tagging to obtain credibility of online persona’s.

Are you questioning your online relationship now?


One thought on “Week 10: Who are you dating online?

  1. Those pesky tinder bots alwayz wanting me to verify my legitimacy, good thing I got all deez matche tho may as well charge me w/ arson

    The online masquerade is an interesting concept. It’s crazy that different persona’s exist across multiple different platforms. Each platform has certain affordances that demand a type of persona. Interesting blog!

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