Week 7: You are invited to create

Above is compilation of ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘America’s Next Top Model’ that I used to create a succinct fictional world in which interrelated characters could interact. Although this was seen as an activity of pure enjoyment, wouldn’t it be great if we were invited by large conglomerates to produce content. I mean, we do it anyway right? But, what if we were rewarded, encouraged and valued to expand on their brands stories?

Up until now, marketing consisted of developing valuable content that users wanted instead of what users could create. With the ever-expanding convergence culture and multi-device world, the role of the filmmaker has changed significantly. We are the modern day narrators, by taking content and applying our knowledge, creativity and personalisation to deliver a unique entertainment experience.

Ultimately, this new industry has been developed to deal with convergence, where synergy is met by encouraging all-users and participants to contribute to world-building. Everyday people like ourselves can take ‘The Canon’ (official content) and turn it into ‘The Fandom’ (user-generated content), by utilising different mediums and platforms to extend on the already created fictional world.

Take Dorito’s for example, who encouraged fans to create their own commercial for the SuperBowl.

I love the interaction between the corporation and the audience! Where Dorito’s has created different points of entry and encouraged a broad range of participants to highlight their skills. Today, content is marketing and marketing is content. Large brands and multi-national organisations are utilising prosumers and their creations to expand on new worlds and attracts broader audiences. Here are a few examples!



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