Week 3: Mickey gives the A-O-K to Netflix & Chill

Do you like to Netflix and Chill? Netflix was not such a ‘chilled’ introduction for the Hollywood economy.

Much like Amanda Hocking, Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings saw a need in the digital market, where the use of the internet and online streaming was undoubtedly useful for the convergence culture – however had detrimental revenue effects for the producers. With large media conglomerates, such as Disney, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studio’s and Warner Brothers struggling with scalability and unpredictability of their blockbuster hits, the new platform offered unbeatable distribution and market access.


This was a new, exciting and terrifying opportunity that required balance on behalf of both the traditionalist film industry and emerging digital technologies. Netflix needed the Studios and the Studios needed Netflix. In order to be successful however, required two changes – artists and creators must embrace the idea of free access and businesses should seize opportunity, enabling it and allowing it to grow.

With intellectual property rights as a main concern, it was vital that both producers maintained contracts enclosing details of intellectual property rights, distribution and content creation.



2 thoughts on “Week 3: Mickey gives the A-O-K to Netflix & Chill

  1. Love the title! Very insightful to read about Netflix expanding the Studios’ marketshare. Although netflix is a great place to stream tv shows and movies, it is also very restricted. Many Tv shows come out only after the season has finished. This leads people to search the web else where, resulting is pirating, and mis use of copyrighted material. Netflix is definitely a stepping stone in the right direction and easing up the copyright laws by working together with the studios.

  2. 30 seconds into read blog and chill and he gives you the look…of intrigue. Such an interesting age we’ve settled into. Conventional media platforms are in a state of flux, totally torn between seeing their relevance and meeting their demise. You can’t create the consumer, you can only adapt to it and seek opportunity.

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