Week 1: I’m Back, Bloggers

So here I am again, submerged in another DIG subject in my fifth year, funnily enough studying a first year subject..and no I did not fail.

Having been exposed to the realm of creating an online presence with blogging, tweeting, and a previous digital artifact “MingleUOW”, I would like to think that I am somewhat of an expert. However, that is surely not the case. Having studied previous communication subjects I have been exposed to the vast and ever-changing landscape of our future and boy oh boy is it a big one. Did I mention that I am STILL LEARNING!


My “CAN DO” recommendations for 1st year students:

  • Keep an open-mind
  • View blogging as a beneficial tool for your future i.e. Employers are interested in your writing ability and your creative sense, use this as a mechanism to build a personal brand and portfolio – add your style and creative flair
  • Don’t let time slip away, although there may be a million other tasks at hand, staying on top of your workload will maintain blog coherence and quality
  • Experiment – although these may be out of your comfort zone, attempting to use different programs and applications to deliver your message could attract a larger audience…plus you might actually enjoy them e.g. YouTube video; SoundCloud podcast; Prezi infographic; Imgur meme
  • Create a Humble Abode – Where do you perform best? Creating the perfect atmosphere for concentration can be the key to entering your greatest ideas, thoughts and revelations (I personally like sitting by myself in the library)
  • Coffee…or whatever floats your boat

I look forward to meeting you all x


2 thoughts on “Week 1: I’m Back, Bloggers

  1. Thanks for all the advice, it’s all really helpful! What were your other BCM subjects? Experimenting will definitely be the key to success in the subject; the possibilities for the digital artefact are endless. Overwhelming? Of course! Exciting? Without a doubt! Looking forward to the rest of your posts 🙂 #bcm112 #bcm110

    • Thanks for your lovely words Molly! I’ve done a whole array of subjects, however DIGC202 was most similar to this subject. They can be really fun if you want them to be, challenging but fun! Its awesome that we have the freedom to pick and choose what we want to do in relation to our personal interests, I feel so much more engaged and motivated…hopefully you will too! Goodluck with your digital artefact 🙂

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