Week 12: The Internet of Health

Everyday objects are seemingly finding their way into our digital realm, where companies are discovering new and innovative ways to make products more modern and enticing. We all agree that is it easier when things are connected, such as our iPads, iPhones and MacBook’s, where firms are becoming more creative in flawlessly slipping everyday household devices into our ever-expanding Wi-Fi devoted lives.


With objects making carrying out daily tasks easier, what does this pose to the future of our health? Let’s take a look at Nike…

The release of the Nike FuelBand in (2012) took the world by storm when it became the new product on the market to monitor fitness related performance including pace, calories, steps and time (Nike, 2015). What this gave society, was an efficient and ground-breaking method for people to record their habits and health-related metrics as an attempt to self-reflect and self-improve (Lupton, D 2013). Funnily enough, much of this reflection was carried out whilst sitting at the computer whilst the data was uploaded.

Studies have shown that technology has stripped our manual labour in which our increasingly sedimentary lifestyle and decreased energy expenditure has resulted in increased obesity (Verify Recruitment, 2014). With the increasing release of the internet of things, including the self-lacing ‘Back to the Future’ Nike shoes, what will happen to future health of society?



One thought on “Week 12: The Internet of Health

  1. It’s extremely interesting that you bring up Nike in terms of the IoT as i think that in nike’s case, what they wanted to create had a great premise but when it was executed it fell short because of a lot of reason. With the NikePlus feature in some of their shoes it communicated with Ipods and phones, but it drastically fell off as they were creating an expensive piece of tech that became useless once you bought a different shoe as well as now almost all smart phones can do as good or even a better job. I loved your post!!

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