Week 9: Digital Activism or Digital Flop?

Digital activism has become an unavoidable part of our lives, where we are increasingly becoming exposed to political unrest, social tension and charitable organisations through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. With no built-in filter, zero cost of entry and an ever-expanding amount of participation, these platforms have become the centre for launching activist campaigns, in which individuals can broadcast to an entire network and aggregate a large following (Mitew, T 2015).

I want to pose the questions: Have social media platforms been used differently to propose different ideas and messages? And have these all been successful? Together, we are going to explore current examples that all of us have been exposed to!

did these social media activisit campaigns work-


This topic is highly controversial, where does one go beyond just agreeing and following a post, tweet or page about an active problem? Social media and activism needs to be effectively implemented to ensure for the justified outcome.


6 thoughts on “Week 9: Digital Activism or Digital Flop?

  1. Social Media is a powerful tool, allowing for anything to rear its ugly head. However, social media also has allowed for the proliferation of activist campaigns that have raised awareness of serious issues. Arguably, this would be because 1: it’s ubiquitous and anyone with an internet connection can get involved, and 2: it’s easy to change your profile picture to a rainbow or upload a video getting ice getting dumped on you. Despite this, its effectiveness is questionable, other than ALS raising 20 mil. Great blog, even better because who doesn’t love Homer?

  2. I was looking at my piece on Digital Activism and I do believe I was wrong now because I forgot to look into the side of positive activism made from it. I took on too much of the negative that I forgot that there are lots of positive ones that have been made which you have demonstrated so well in your piece below that points out a few. Plus I really enjoyed your clip about the ‘Simpsons Ice Bucket Challenge.’ I guess in my opinion to your post is that if you do like a post, tweet or page about an issue that has arisen in the community it is the individuals choice to contribute to that or not. Plus depends on the situation as well I believe. Good Work.

  3. I completely agree with you that social media activism has its downfalls, the main one being physical disengagement. I loved that you referred to viral social media campaigns that have achieved varying levels of success, that being said those that only require monetary donations or a share online are always going to gain more traction than one that calls on users to physically act or attend an event for the cause. I would have liked to see some more reference to secondary sources, not just the lecture content, as this would have given your blog much more depth and called for your own personal analysis of others opinions on the topic, as well as me as the reader to express my own interpretations. Otherwise good job.

  4. Great work with this post, not only did you feature your Prezi, but a range of other mediums, which really gives variety to your post. Your look at the positive aspects of social media activism is very well done, as it is often very easy to just focus on the negative side of social media, and forget recent positive campaigns like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which haven’t arisen from serious global issues (i.e. civil unrest).

    If I could make one suggestion, perhaps elaborate a little more on your own personal interpretation of this topic. You did very well with incorporating each source but I felt they spoke for you in some instances. Otherwise a very well made post. I found this video while researching this topic, and feel that it might interest you, regarding your focus on statistics in this post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jottDMuLesU

  5. Your infographic and prezi are amazing at conveying the message of digital activism as the examples you gave are next level! The remediation was extremely well designed and laid out to make this post as eye catching as possible. I think social media hasn’t been used differently as intended but have been enhanced by giving the users an option to pos whatever they want, and through this it has allowed millions of voices to be heard. On the flip side it has also been used to silence people and not allow them to be too social. Great post 🙂

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