Week 8: Welcome to the World of Virtual Travel

Today, I have the inevitable task of scrolling through my social media feed to discover something travel related, leaving me wanderlust and wondering which location I plan to visit next…

The transformation of traditional journalism has been significant for the travel and tourism industry, where social media participation is critical for tourism businesses in becoming the primary way to connect with today’s customers (Tauson, S  2014). Previously formed on a basis of ‘deliberative journalism’, the control has now shifted from a centralised and institutional media approach to one that is much more diverse, allowing for a wide variety of content, from a extensive list of locations, by a multiplicity of individuals (Bruns, A 2009).

The online travel industry is significantly transforming tourism experiences by changing travel planning, reconfiguring relationships amongst tourists and deconstructing ones sense of tourism via social media (Wang, D & Fesenmaier, R 2013). What I love is the ability for us to create our own ideas about the world around us, where we can generate content, upload experiences, check-in on friends holidays and gather information for our own preparation.


The value is in the aggregated flow of individual contributions, where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and travel blogs have become effective ways for tourism economies and travel agents to distribute content on a regular basis, increase our level of engagement and retain our interest (Mitew, T 2015). For example, the more content we can gather from our favourite travel agent, the location we want to visit, where to stay, what to eat,  the activities we want to do, the greater the level of motivation for us to partake.

Social media is a fun and useful way to engage in the travel supply chain, where we can avoid making appointments, save time and money, receive up-to-date news and gain increased quality of data by engaging in real-person feedback (Noel, S & Suwaree, A 2008).  If you are planning to go on a holiday soon, I would recommend following reputable travel social media sites because from experience I have learned about places I would have never dreamed of, become aware of great travel specials, engaged in tourism competitions, kept in touch with friends overseas and created my own travel experiences!


4 thoughts on “Week 8: Welcome to the World of Virtual Travel

  1. This is a great example of how new platforms and access has allowed for such a great range of content to be produced by people who otherwise would have just taken photos on their Kodak camera and called it another day on vaycay (if we’re going back to the 90’s/ reminiscing on childhood memories of vacations and I’m pretty sure we didn’t even have a digital camera at that point). Now we have our smart phone with our social media’s and funky-ass filters that make everyone the most artistic photographer ever. In saying that, there isn’t much difference now between a travel blogger and a friend who is in Europe for the summer who are only a solid following away from becoming a travel blogger themselves…and the more the merrier I say! Everyone has such different experiences and advice to give to others who want to take a similar journey/ Those people will sure as hell discover better ins and outs of their desired destination from a blog opposed to a STA travel brochure!

    Great read.

  2. It’s refreshing reading a positive article in relation to blogging and its impact on journalism. I agree that it makes it more personal when you read about a destination from someone you know, it’s also free advertising for the tourism industry so win win!

  3. Really nice blog! You brought up all the points from the lecture and you gave examples that were extremely interesting and fun to read about. Along with the interesting text, you accompanied it with really well thought out memes and infographics that assist the post quite well. I think its really interesting that with travel blogs and platforms that rely so heavily on photos, the long tail is what draws me into wanting to travel to these places because i get a more ‘real’ feeling from them.

  4. Nice post, you engaged with all the points from the lecture extremely well, and your infographics and images made the layout really interesting. It’s awesome to see how traditional journalism and blogging has become so globalized due to aggregated flow and increased distribution of content around the world.
    My only issue is that the image size of some of the images you’ve embedded are a bit small, this might be because the actual image resolution is too small but it’s not really an issue that detracts away from your post, really good job!

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