Week 6: Do you know what you’re permissing? The T&C’s we NEVER actually read


Who knew that a garden could be your worst enemy???

Through the exploration of four “walled gardens”, including Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook we can see how the exploitation of content has caused benefits for the monopolies, as well hardships for the end nodes (ourselves). The above presentation identifies the ways in which these corporations gain the rights to control and use our content, where our ability to dismiss and read the following “terms and conditions” have allowed for the sharing of our information, rather than stealing.


Creators here and everywhere are always and at all times building upon the creativity that went before and that surrounds them now. That building is always and everywhere at least partially done without permission and without compensating the original creator. (Lessig, L 204)

Acting as iManors, the four “walled gardens” have been able to transfer our content, copy/sell our information, charge rent and transform user-generated content because we have granted them the permission to do so. Acting as there livestock, we have allowed them to profit and benefit from our personal communication and branding, where they all have one thing in common, copying our content and creating new content generating platforms (Boldrin, M & Levin, D 2007, pg. 10).


Data Collected by Top “Walled Gardens” (Buytaert, D 2015)

What can happen when you don’t read the T&C?


4 thoughts on “Week 6: Do you know what you’re permissing? The T&C’s we NEVER actually read

  1. I honestly have never read any terms and conditions ever…

    Its almost like an exchange with the walled gardens, we get to search for things on Google, but then Google takes those searches and uses them for whatever they need to conclude.

    The data you referenced from Buyaert was very interesting to see displayed so plain an clear. The insights these walled gardens have into out personal details is crazy, though we are giving it all to them because we ticked ‘agree’.

    it would be interesting to do a survey or something and see how many people actually mind.
    Whats your personal opinion of someone like Google having all that information about you?

  2. It’s crazy how little we read “terms and conditions” (I literally never do), even though they can potentially really effect us, and sometimes in a negative way. The amount of control that these walled gardens can have on us is pretty frightening and I really like how you’ve explored this aspect of Walled Gardens. Your prezi was really well made too – good job!

  3. I am the same with everyone else I have never read the terms and conditions and peronsally have never really thought about it after I press agree or accept.
    Its crazy how much we agree or accept things without reading what could happen and what could effect us, especially if it impacts us in a negative way
    Good job on your prezi it was really thought out!

  4. The terms and conditions angle on this topic was an interesting one and I think you made a really important point that it does lock us into things we aren’t aware of but the point being that we did kind of do it to ourselves its our own fault for not reading it.

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