Week 4: Global Corporations Turning Liquid

“Open and collaborative models of organisation will increasingly trump closed and hierarchical models as a way to promote innovation, organise work and engage consumers” – Charles Leadbeater

Although ‘Coca-Cola Enterprises’ is still a heavily centralised conglomerate, they are taking action to move towards greater knowledge production, whilst still maintaining aspects of industrial processing. With a heavy focus on contagious content that can’t be controlled, the corporation is attempting to provoke conversations and earn a ‘disproportionate share of popular culture’ through the use of media and liquid information (The Cognitive Media, 2011).


“Coca-Cola’s Liquid Content Model” (Sinadinovic, N 2015)

By attracting a large share of the market, the ‘Coca-Cola’ company is seen as a better network, where it can adapt to the changing environment and outcompete slower organisations. They have come to realise that ‘distribution and technology’ allows them to have greater connectivity and consumer empowerment, where they can act and react to conversations much like the ‘John Boyd OODA loop’. The Fortune 500 Corporation has multiple platforms for engaging in consumer discussion, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, as they see feedback as a vital part of their success.


“Brands Integrating Social Media” (Llewellyn, L 2015)

Global corporations are seeing the triumph’s brought about by user-generated content and the free flow of information, with more businesses utilising media platforms. Without media, they will suffer as consumers increasingly rely on media in all aspects of their lives (Deuze, M 2006, pg. 9)


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