Week 3: Online Dating Villages

As a new way to connect with people and create relationships, the ‘online dating’ realm has seen an explosion of new jobs and careers, where profits are increasingly attractive. With an excess of 4.3 million Australian participants, online dating services are showing an inextricable connection between information flow and profit, as they excel as new networking villages.


“Explosion of the Online Dating Industry”


“Top Grossing Dating Apps on Iphone” (Melanson, T 2014)

What online dating services do is give the end nodes (ourselves) the ability to make decisions, sifting through human beings and deciding whether or not we could see the rest of our lives with them.  It also gives individuals the chance to broadcast themselves to the entire network, with online profiles being made available to other members of the ‘dating village’.


“eHarmony Profile” (The Heartographer, 2013)

What can happen when things go wrong? 


6 thoughts on “Week 3: Online Dating Villages

  1. Really nice blog! I had no idea dating apps and websites were so popular, like the figures you listed were astounding! Overall well presented blog, and I loved that you related it to Catfish. So interesting how the internet has changed the way we date through all types of networks.

  2. Those figures that you presented about the dating apps are pretty insane. Whilst these apps can give people who struggle to meet or talk to the opposite sex a way to do so, I also feel like they can be damaging to social skills. Great blog with some interesting facts that I don’t think to many have ever thought about!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog
    I loved the examples of dating apps I never thought about them!
    Its crazy how much the internet has changed the way we meet people and potentially fall in love or fall in lust
    Also the example of catfish was well thought out I think you could of focused more on the negatives with online dating apps and dating websites as there are thousands of scenarios people need to face with
    Great job look forward to reading more blogs!

  4. I’m just going to pitch in and say that is a giant chunk of people. 40 million have visited and/or used an online dating service. That is just astounding. The internet is a very dangerous place and it shocks me to know that 40 million people are putting themselves out there to potential rapists. Catfishing is definitely becoming more and more frequent. It’s a giant risk to take when you use a dating website. Online dating has had its fair share of successful matches and that’s really heart-warming, but we shouldn’t forget that it is still in fact very dangerous. This post is structured very well and I commend you for including a picture for every point.

  5. At first I was failing to see the relevance, then you hit me. It was absolutely fantastic to see so much personality and uniqueness in your writing and remediation rather than regurgitating lecture or reading material. You went outside the box this week and it paid off… keep it up!

  6. Awesome blog! I’ll like that you have mixed it up with the podcast, images and video, it shows plenty of enthusiasm and holds the readers attention throughout. I was astounded at the numbers of people using dating websites, terrific concept to apply the communication network to.

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