Intro: Wannabe or Me, Just Me.

Hey guys and gals!

You might be will the ultimate girl group from 1994 ‘The Spice Girls’, possibly give you an insight into WHO I AM?? Defining ourselves in words is often the hardest thing to do, it’s much like an out of body experience where we must objectively assess our identities and sell our personalities through a verbal context. Although, what is great about utilizing new digital spaces, is the fact that we can use multiple tools to express our persona’s in a much more engaging and connected way. Hence, why I have chosen to introduce myself on a much more familiar level…(come on, we all know who the spice girls are right?)

If you take a second to think, you can recognize or find similarities between someone you know and one of the five ‘Spice Girls’, whether it’s through character, aesthetics or emotions. The band was initially created with the prime focus of ‘Girl Power’, but over time has generated persona’s of people from all walks of life. So here I am…a combination of ALL FIVE!!! Much like the above music video, a cover of ‘Say You’ll Be There’ by ‘MO’, we too can be evolved or differentiated versions of something that once existed. I believe that over time we have gathered bits and pieces from life experiences, travel, interesting characters (that we like to call friends or colleagues) and great people like yourselves. So how is it that I can possibly resemble all five???

spice girls

‘A Reapperaisal of the Spice Girls’ (Heng, K 2014)

Although I’m not the biggest fan of tight clothing and luxury products, my keen interest in fashion and current job at ‘General Pants’ makes me a contender for the role of ‘Posh Spice’, where I do see confidence and clothing as a strong perception tool. I would like to tailor my ‘Marketing’ and ‘International Business’ majors into the fashion industry (fingers crossed!). Socializing and having a good laugh is incredibly important to me, where I can see a strong link to ‘Scary Spice’. I’m not afraid to express my opinion’s and my love for travelling has seen me venture to Europe, India (40K Globe) and North America (California State University Long Beach, Exchange Program).

‘Baby Spice’ is evident in my super high pony-tail and ability to find the silver-lining in negative situations, as well as my obsession of chick flicks and reality TV (Markowski, J 2015). However, I do like getting down and dirty, heading to the gym and chucking on trackies. My competitive nature has seen me be quite stubborn at times, where my inner ‘Sporty Spice’ has been unleashed. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone has there quirky side..something that makes being you so WONDERFUL! It’s the zest and individuality that sets you apart from everybody’s your ‘Ginger Spice’. My ability to be positive, energetic and give off ‘good vibes’ has allowed me to engage with individuals from all backgrounds, religions and countries. The ability to be social and make people feel good is the ‘Ginger’ to my ‘Spice’.

I challenge you to question which ‘Spice Girl/s’ do you resemble the most? What is the ‘Ginger’ that makes your ‘Spice’ so special? If you’re struggling or want to have a bit of fun, here a some simple quizzes:

I can’t wait to meet you all!

Neisha x


One thought on “Intro: Wannabe or Me, Just Me.

  1. Hey Neisha, the term ‘evolve’ is definitely the key argument in your post. I love the quirky theme of similarities that you’ve used to compare the Spice Girls with our thirst for digital space. What I took away from this blog post is that our online personas are all individual, in digital terms we are singular nodes at the end of the networking paradigm all controlling and contributing to cyberspace. I say the term ‘evolve’ is key as WE are what pushes this technology digital space to advance digitally. I enjoyed the INDIVIDUAL way that you’ve expressed this concept obviously to reflect your personality.

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