Snap Yo’ Self (Week 3)

Image“Pilot selfie, as he flies a fighter jet over the 2014 Superbowl”

We all do it, we’ve all seen one, and we’ve probably all saved/screenshotted one of our friends at their most vulnerable moments! The world of “selfie-ing” has vastly taken over the way in which we communicate today. Saltz (2014) defines selfie’s as a “self portrait, taken with a smartphone camera” which is instantaneously forwarded and sent to those within a public or private network. But why is there such a desire to communicate our private life, within a public sphere?

 This new form of art allows us to edit our pictures and/or select images in which we want our friends, colleagues, family or the public to perceive or view us. It gives us a new sense of confidence, makes us feel beautiful, convey our funny side and gives us those “tits” we have always wanted! For example:

 A selfie to a close friend:

Image“My apologies to my dear friend Liz for using this photo haha”

 A selfie to a boy we fancy:


 Buffalo News (2013) even outlines “A How-To Guide” for Selfie’s 101, including “if the first one is blurry, re-take it” and “mix it up, no duck face every time”. However, an image tells a thousand words, and has many connotations. What may look innocent to one onlooker may be viewed completely differently to another. Which in turn can have harmful affects and may be subject to harsh public and private scrutiny. For example:

 A selfie at a funeral:

Image“Selfie taken on intsagram-consider the use of hashtags”

Snapchat has been one of the greatest impacts on the way in which we use technology to communicate! If you don’t have this application, you should probably download it, just to give a sense of what future generations will be using for everyday communication. Not only does this free application allow you to take selfies, it allows you to set time limits to the image viewing time, send it to selective people, and then it disappears forever! This even newer form of selfie has allowed people to be more daring and step out of their comfort zone with taking self-portraits, as they believe the images are only viewed from 1 to 10sec.


 Unfortunately for some, this is not the case. As the application allows receivers of the images/videos to “screenshot” the evidence. If for some reason you want the viewers to see the image for an extended period of time, you also have the option of adding it to your “storyboard”, which can be viewed for 12hours before disappearing. I strongly agree that these innovative forms of technology have allowed us to “become our own biggest fans and private paparazzi” (Saltz, 2013).

Before you leave, don’t forget to upload a SELFIE in the comments tab! Of coarse it wouldn’t be an appropriate selfie blog without it 😉



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