BREAKING NEWS: MJ’s Death and Nothing Else!

 On the 25th June 2009, all forms of news media including print, TV, radio and online were bombarded with the death of Michael Jackson at the age of 50. Not only was this shown in America, but it became a global phenomenon and top news story for many countries around the world.


 What was interesting was the vast amount of news coverage the incident received compared to other events that happened on the same day around the world, including:

So why was the death of Michael Jackson given more importance than these other events? One American death compared to that of five deaths in Iraq? Personally, I believe it is because of the huge impact the artist has had on many individuals’ lives around the globe. Many of us have grown up watching, listening, singing and dancing to the songs of “MJ”.  We have cultivated with his positive and negative portrayals in the media for decades. One man celebrated throughout the media multiple times before has influenced us more than five men in other countries, indicating that the media has shaped our society and our identities.

 However, was the death of Michael Jackson a global news media example? The answer is NO! Although American media shows significance influence on the rest of the world, it is largely shaped by those in America. Therefore, the story shown in Australia, Africa, Japan, Russia, and France etc. is heavily based on the perception and facts provided in the host nation of the incident. As described by Reese (2010), “It may be more useful to recognize that globalizing media and journalism simply mean that the creators, objects, and consumers of news are less likely to share the same nation-state frame of reference”.

The Scottish Sun


 “The Korea Herald


For example, the roadside bomb in Fallujah, which may be reported in France. The French news simply will not gather the “full story”, what if they don’t have reporters there at the time of the event? What if they don’t have networks set up within that country? What if there are tax and cultural barriers? It is simply too difficult to label news as ‘global’.

Yes, Michael Jackson was a celebrity! However, could there be other reasons why his death was portrayed globally by news media? This news take over could have been due to reasons such as cultural proximity, relevance, rarity, continuity, elite references, negativity, composition, and personalisation (Dreher, 2013).


Gamson (1989) identifies news framing as an inextricable way to engage readers and/or viewers in which “they take on their meaning by being embedded in a frame or a story line that organizes them and gives them coherence, selecting certain ones to emphasize while ignoring other” (p.157).  What is evidently framed by news media covering the story of Michael Jackson’s death?

  • Death caused by cardiac arrest
  • Michael Jackson is NOT dead
  • Doctor murdered Michael Jackson
  • King of Pop dies at 50
  • Death just before “This Is It” tour
  • Drug-Use Allegations
  • Family and Legal Affairs
  • Effect on the “Jackson” family

Next time your watching the news, question whether the event is being given significant attention, is there other important events going on in the rest of the world? Is this particularly news story being framed because of high status, cultural proximity, rarity, relevance, negativity etc??

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2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: MJ’s Death and Nothing Else!

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  2. Hey Neish!
    I also mentioned the death of MJ in this week’s BCM240 blog post on Fandom.
    I’ve noticed the external research you’ve done for this topic, and really like how you mentioned the other events that occurred on the day of the MJ’s death. It really opens up your mind to new theories and ideas in the media. Last year, I did a research presentation on celebrity deaths and why they are perceived to be more important in the media than events and issues that happen to regular people. I really enjoyed reading this post, good work! 🙂

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