Piracy is Wrong, but it Feels so Right!

Singing “Happy Birthday” in public, jaywalking, forgoing a bike helmet and PIRACY are just a few of the illegal acts in society that could have you fined and/or jailed, yet we are either unaware of these laws, forget about them or simply choose not to abide by them.

 Internet piracy is the unlawful reproduction and/or distribution of any copyrighted digital file that can change hands over the Internet. This can be done with music files, videos and movies, e-books, software, and other materials.”  (Wise Geek, 2013)

Can piracy lead to greater business success? YES! Although it may not bring in revenue for the industry, it can definitely allow for an unimaginable increase in viewers and/or listeners. Evident in Game of Thrones, as the most pirated TV show on the internet with “over one million people illegally downloading the season finale in under a day” (Rowles, 2013).

The Official Game of Thrones Page: http://www.hbo.com/game-of-thrones/index.html


What makes Game of Thrones so popular? And why do we engage in the illegal downloading of the series? Bowles (2013) elaborated that Australia receives most of our information and sources last; we are behind the rest of the world! We want to see the latest episode at the same time, if not before the other die-hard fans in the northern hemisphere. Which raises another issue, why would we pay to see it? If all of our income is being given to the Northern Hemisphere (America)? They are only getting stronger and we are helping them!

Global Pay TV Revenue (2012)


Weiss ‘the executive’ of the series, reported that “piracy is better than an emmy” due to the ‘buzz’ it’s created, however, the US ambassador to Australia has begged that “fans to stop “stealing” the show” (The Washington Post, 2013). What action’s can be put in place to solve this issue?

I agree with the blog post “My Simple Solution to the Piracy Problem” by Emma Paloma (2013) who elaborates that her solution isn’t that difficult and involves production companies such as Warner Brothers, making movies available online for a cheaper price. This is great example of a simple solution to the problem. However, I would take a different approach.

Why didn’t we vote for “The Pirate Party Australia” in the latest election? “Nearly everything around you is covered by copyright and patent law and these laws create a massive tax our society has to pay. At some point we need to ask the question, are these laws really accomplishing the purpose they were created for? We’re here to warn you, they’re not” (Pirate Party Australia, 2013).

We are being denied the creative works of this era! Vote for the pirate party next time to strive towards an end to censorship and move towards internet freedom!! What will your actions towards piracy be?

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One thought on “Piracy is Wrong, but it Feels so Right!

  1. Very Interesting post. It really does beg the question as to why Australian broadcasting television stations have failed to pick up one of the world’s most entertaining television series. I for one are a statistic when it comes to the piracy of Game of Thrones for a number reasons. The relationship between industries and the audience’s they are meant to be providing for are increasingly falling a part. As technologies become faster, smarter and have a lower cost of production and entry into the marketplace, content should become more abundant throughout society. A prime example of this is the cost of buying a track from iTunes in Australia. At present most of the popular tracks are valued at $2.19. In the US the same track has a price tag of 0.99c. Again taking into account the wage differences and inflation, the content remains the same. A single, digital file stored on a server which can be accessed by both countries at different costs. Until industries begin to realise the value in actually having relationships with their audiences instead of media companies I will remain a pirate 🙂

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