Are You a 90’s Kid?

What about me? What about the current generation? We watch more television than any other age group! Rather than interviewing an older individual, I can delve deeps into my thoughts about privacy and television viewing, as something that occurs now as a habit that hasn’t yet been put too much thought. Lets’ Explore!

With the emergence of new technologies and the decreasing age of those that have access to such material, television viewing has increased dramatically over the last few centuries.


 With these new technologies, also emerge different viewing opportunities. The list is endless! We are lucky enough to have the choice to watch television at home, in the car, on our mobile phones, and even in public places! This is what distinguishes our screening privacy. It is evident that a lot has changed over past years, from large families huddling around the one television to loading television series on our laptop in our bedrooms. The emergence of these new technologies including mobile phones, 3D televisions, laptops, internet and downloading are just a few of these ever advancing gadgets.

But what about my experience as a 20year old woman living in this era? What do I like to watch? How do I like to watch it? Where do I watch it? Like many other young adult women, reality TV quenches my viewing thirst! Oh the drama is magnificent! As well as living in the shoes of celebrity’s and experiencing there life problems. Dubrofsky (2009) explores the need for emotional women to access the “real” as they cannot contain their intense bodily responses. This study shows evident signs of framed ideologies of women and their reason’s for watching TV. However, I disagree, because I don’t need to watch reality TV to allow myself to cry, to laugh or to feel sexually pleased. Yet, this is just me, and it would be incorrect for me to base a population on my opinions.

Watching reality TV in the comfort and privacy of my room, makes me feel relaxed and undisturbed. Like many other people, I am lucky enough to have access to specific forms of technology that allow me to download television series on my computer and watch them when, where and how I like them. Rather than watching them on the television in the lounge room, I can pause, rewind or reload if I’m feeling hungry, need to go to the toilet or even just decide to lie in my bed before dozing off to sleep.

One of my favourites, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

In the week 4 tutorial, an interesting class activity was examined. Students were asked to draw their household floor plan, and label each room with a level of privacy from 1-5 (with 1 being the most private). Funnily enough, the least private rooms included the lounge room/dining where a television was located. What was even more evident were that the most private rooms, in particular the bedroom, contained a laptop or a computer.


 What is so culturally distinct about our generation? Is it our cravings to know about celebrity life? Our obsessive nature of upper class society? The technologies? The opportunities and the choices? With all these advancing changes and social acceptances, it’s hard to know…

Think about what you watch, where you watch it and when you watch it? WHY!?

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