Spacing Yourself Out From Media Usage

Private or Public Space?


One may argue that both are inescapable from the wide world and growing epidemic of media usage. Rather, it is more relevant to examine how much media is exposed to us or is accessed by individuals in these specific spaces. A recent 2012 study “Restricted Mobilities: Access to, and activities in, Private and Public Spaces” examines that a dominating trend in the contemporary city has been an increasing privatization of public spaces”. This finding questions whether our exposure to media usage in the public arena can in fact be managed and filtered to our personal desires, much like those that are privatizing public spaces.

 However, do we have to create a private space so excluded from the rest of world to completely rid ourselves from media usage? Whilst listening to Triple J on this morning’s radio, a shocking story was brought to my attention. “Missing Father and Son Found in Vietnam Forest after 40 years”.  SO CRAZY!! Can you imagine being alienated from civilization for such a long period of time?

 What would they have missed out on?!!! Globalisation? Elections? Natural disasters? Terrorist attacks? The list is endless!!

The comical Triple J talk show hosts continued to ask listeners to “have their say” on what the two Vietnamese men would have missed out on over the last 40years. With many listeners calling the station to make humorous remarks, much of the responses were in relation to the use of media and technology. In particular, the crazy frog which most of our generation remember!

Such an isolated space has created such a unknowingly and unexpected life for those who have hidden from the public arena. For those who have been isolated, I feel are now behind in the social and technological aspects of the world today. The world is only growing in capacity of media technologies and therefore excluding ourselves completely from any form or aspect of these technologies is hindering our understanding and communication with other people, other places and other spaces of the universe.


Although we can create a private space and control our media exposure to some degree, we will never be completely out of touch with these technologies. Unless, we completely hide ourselves from the rest of the world and therefore take no part in the spaces around us…

Living in a private or public space? You Choose!


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