Globalisation or Americanisation?

Globalization is one of the most, if not utmost topics discussed and debated across all nations and across all generations.  Perhaps, one of the most insightful processes as how society and culture has generated over time.  Wikipedia 2013 defines globalization as “the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture.Which in term increases world-wide exchanges of national and cultural resources.


However, what would you do if one nation was taking over? Not just consuming your country and culture? But had ownership and control over the process of international integration? A parent nation, who could and may very well take over the world? Although there are many positives to globalization, it is hard to dismay the negatives, especially the accountable cultural homogenization.

Cultural homogenization has caused much tension in terms of global interactions. This theory is known as a reduction in cultural diversity due to the popularization and diffusion of a wide range of cultural symbols. There is one phenomenon that is challenging the term cultural interaction-ism and is the arguably the most popular example of cultural homogenization, Americanization.


What do you think about when you hear the word America? American flags, apple pie, baseballs, hot dogs, the statue of liberty or Justin Beiber. WRONG! Although you might think these people, products and traditions are American, they have in fact originated from other cultures. This raises the question on whether the huge amount of money and popularity that America holds, may be the reason that these people, products and traditions become household names in this increasingly recognizable nation.

A Ugandan writer “explores the meaning of globalization and the growing influence of American culture around the world” Global Vision, 2006. His belief is that other cultures succumb to USA as they have one of the strongest economy’s and army’s, which in turn  persuade the rest of the world to “think and act like them”.

After comparing globalization and Americanization, I struggle to come to terms with the definition of globalization. It is almost impossible to believe that each country is exchanging and absorbing other cultures from roughly the same percentage. Rather it seems, that America takes world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture, turns them into their own and spreads them across the globe as “American”. Therefore, the world being more Americanised than Globalized.

Do you think our society is more influenced by globalization or americanisation?


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