Entirely Immersed in the Live Melodic Space?



Hello fellow bloggers, bloggees and bloggas,

Who of us have attended a live music event only to have been hit over the head with a smartphone, our view blocked by a smart phone, filmed from our smartphone and perhaps even knocked a smartphone from someone else’s grasp? I would like to assume the majority of us….

The growing epidemic of media technology and its disease spreading nature has increasingly been concurring all area’s free of it’s characteristics. Live music concerts and festivals are now filmed from one’s smartphone, which may or may not inhibit the individuals experiences, especially when paying for such a enriching and “real” experience. Rather than focusing on the music and the atmosphere, an individual is much more concerned which the image and sound that is appearing on the event that they are filming.

Bobby Owsinki on Blog “Music 3.0” enlightens this concept with humour “it’s a pain to hold your arms up for more than 5 minutes at a time”. Owsinki also explores the negatives of this ever growing social change, adding that “the act doesn’t gain anything from the process (except for a little promotion)”. http://music3point0.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/live-gig-footage-to-your-phone.html

Although it is great to have personal video’s of these live music events I attend, I question whether it is really worth it. Am i really submerging myself in this “once in a lifetime” melodic moment? Or am I more concerned about using my media to capture it for later use?

I leave that thought and opinion up to you….



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