Not the End, Just the Beginning!


As I plunder through the vast array of knowledge my brain has absorbed in the past 6 weeks, it is satisfying to say that I have expanded my awareness and ideas about the media. Looking back through my previous posts I recognize how my views have grown and transitioned from looking at particular theories and models “subjectively” to “objectively”. By looking at these studies objectively I am able to critically evaluate and critique the positives and negatives of each. However, I did enjoy placing my own thoughts and opinions on the matter as well.

Particular theories which I found most intriguing were “Reading Images” and “Ownership and Control”. In studying semiotics I learnt that I can’t look at an image and declare that the depiction is “real”. For example an image of a tree, it isn’t a “tree” it is rather an “image of a tree”. I found media-myth busting incredibly compelling and I discovered that there may be much deeper meaning behind an advertisement or some form of media communication e.g. Carl’s Jr Raunchy Cod Fish Sandwich. Now whenever I see an advertisement I feel it necessary to look beyond what is depicted and interpret it with more significance.

I was completely shocked to learn that most of our news and media was owned by two people in Australia. This turned my world upside down and I started viewing the media as a manipulation tool that was used by powerful people to control society. My negative thoughts throughout the lecture soon turned into positive thoughts when I did further research at home. I used “The Cove” to express that powerful people do not always try and control the media, but there are also powerful people using media to expose the truth.

Following the comments received on my blog, class discussion and reading other blogs I have learnt that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and whether I agree or disagree with their point of view it is important that I acknowledge their analysis in order to gain a well-rounded outlook on the issue.

I like to see this journey as growth towards enabling myself to look at the media objectively and determine its true implications on society, is it manipulation? What does the image mean? Am I being controlled? What effects does this have on society? And am I being watched?

This isn’t the end, this is just the beginning!


One thought on “Not the End, Just the Beginning!

  1. I was shocked to learn about Aus’s media ownership too, I mean two people owning most of it is ridiculous! And yeah, this defs isn’t the end, I’m keen to learn more!

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