Carl’s Jr Raunchy Cod Fish Sandwhich

Media myth-busting is about determining the inner meaning behind an advertisement or some form of media communication. The image cannot lie, I personally believe is true, but there is much more that lurks beneath the surface. In this week’s lecture (which I actually thoroughly enjoyed) had me captivated by the idea that what we may see in the image, is actually a representation of the real life object/person.

A world renowned American fast food chain, by the name of “Carl’s Jr” has struck the American culture with their provocative and sexual use of female celebrity’s to advertise their products, which would certainly make me buy a burger! However, many female activists and women from the wider public find the sexualisation of a female’s body parts for advertising purposes completely disgusting. With many individuals calling the Carl’s Jr. Commercial “pornographic” as stated in a petition to stop Carl’s Jr.

It is important that we not only view this commercial as a sexual decoy to persuade people to purchase burgers. There is much more meaning lurking beneath it, that we must look at to uncover how this creates emotion and thoughts in the eyes of the audience. This study is also known as semiotics, which was discovered by Ferdinand De Saussure and Charles Peirce. As seen in Lecture 3, 2012 and on the Running Man BlogSpot, are the components that make up a sign, which can be seen below:


The Carl’s Jr. advertisement starring “Nina Agdal” obvious signifiers include a woman, beach, burger, island, bikini, packaging, sunburnt man and writing. But, what evokes us when we see these images? What does it make us think? Everybody’s opinion is different. The signified (in my eyes) provokes thoughts of sexual woman, Nina Agdal, delicious burger, smart marketing, use of celebrities, skinny women, superior women, as well as the writing which obviously determines the product “cod fish sandwich” and the brand Carl’s Jr”.

The connotation of this commercial also evokes deeper meaning through use of context, clothing, colouring, body language etc. So, if anybody (particularly you young men) would like to see more hot celebrity female’s stuffing their faces with burgers, go ahead:

It’s all in the ideology “how society has shaped the idea of individuals” therefore leading to stereotyping. It is not stereotypical that a skinny tanned model would be “downing” such a large greasy burger. Although it is stereotypical that a sexy female celebrity would attract more buyers and onlookers? Did you click the link above? I think so! Making this form of media campaign by Carl’s Jr. increasingly successful around the globe.

I’m hungry and I’m off to eat a burger,



One thought on “Carl’s Jr Raunchy Cod Fish Sandwhich

  1. This is really detailed and you’ve gone to an enormous amount of effort to really explain concepts for your readers. I really appreciate that! I also love the personal spin you put into your posts. Good job!

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