Royal Prank To Blame?

Why hello there (English accent),

Recently in the media an evidently effective prank phone call was made by two 2day FM radio presenters. As we all know, due to the vast array of negative media surrounding the issue, lead to the release of personal information about Kate Middleton’s health whilst pregnant and the death of a young nurse.

However, there are many arising issues relating to the effects model and the connection between the media, individuals and society. My personal belief is that the radio presenters were blamed and should not have been! I think that the death of the young nurse (condolences to her friends and family), were strongly connected to the presenters because society were trying to find someone to blame. Also known as causality, where one thing causes another thing to stir in the media.

This media release was tackled backwards (another problem with the effect’s model) as the cause of death was firstly related to the media, rather than linking the death to the young woman’s social background, identity, health, character and so on. Another loop whole in the effects theory, in strong relation to this worldwide release, is that the model inadequately defines it own subjects. Media is a murky topic and it is difficult to justify what acts are severe and what are merely minor. Who was to say that a prank phone call to the royal hospital was going to cause so much anguish? Let alone lead to suicide?

This prank call wasn’t the only phone call made by a radio station that has been linked to grief or suicide to an individual, but why has society blown this specific phone call out of proportion? Personally I believe it was due to the “royal” status, which has caused many more consequences for the people involved. A strong connection is found here where the effects model is selective in its criticisms of media, suicides and prank phone calls that happen every day, a royal headline or a royal status should not make this case any more important or make the media any more to blame!

Come on society, are we really just looking for something to blame? Media may be a contributing reason, but it is definitely not the main reason!

This is Neisha Sinadinovic reporting from Home, We are now going to cut through to the new single by Bloc Party, Octopus

Enjoy your Weekends!


One thought on “Royal Prank To Blame?

  1. The media as a cultural entity, is a lot more fluid than originally concieved, especially in reporting; it has strayed far from its objective beginnings. It was initially just about reporting the news and not giving an opinion, but sadly things had to change because people weren’t paying enough attention to news. The radio presenters were not entirely at fault and there is some many overlapping factors that the media needn’t have gotten into, but they did and so here we are. Great analysis and thank you for posting a video of the full interview.

    Also, I was hoping for a link at the end to Bloc Party’s new track, but I had to open a WHOLE new tab and do the search myself 0/10, would not read again.

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