shall we become acquainted ?

What an interesting way to meet people and learn, I’m secretly enjoying this.

Hello fellow bloggers,

My name is Neisha and I’m currently undertaking a double degree in Commerce/Communications and Media Studies with the hope of succeeding in a career of PR/Marketing/Advertising. Giving people presents as well as consuming a minimum of three desserts before bed time is my passion, if you don’t have ice cream in your fridge I will most likely have a sob.

As for media I am constantly scrolling through forms of social media including instagram and facebook. In five years time I would like to be working for a well recognized PR company with incredibly well known clients, however I will probably be obese, have diabetes and rotting teeth..touch wood.

Catch you on the flip side x



One thought on “shall we become acquainted ?

  1. Great first post and a very optimistic five year plan. Check out any internships that you can when you feel up to it, it’ll take you places in the long run, just don’t be no PA bitch, actually get into writing copy, talking and networking and eating ice cream with people.

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