The Cove Exposed, Truthfully

In 2009, a shocking crime documentary was released which wasn’t used for the sole purpose of generating profit. “The Cove” starring a renowned dolphin trainer “Richard O’Barry”, exposed the secret and horrific slaying of dolphins and the impact it had on human health in Taijii, Japan. The reason I chose this form of media to discuss, was because it was a form of media that wasn’t trying to cover up the truth, it slapped me straight in the face! I felt like I could trust and believe what I was listening to, because the forms of media used were not being controlled as the “nervous system of democracy” much like FOX.

Although much of the media I watch is reality TV, I found this documentary incredibly saddening and as if I was experiencing it firsthand. “The media serves the interests of those in power” acknowledged by Sue Turnball in the lecture, and I both agree and disagree with this statement in relation to “The Cove”. Richard O’Barry had power but chose to use media to help save humanity and the welfare of animals. However, the Japanese government could do little to stop their secret practices being shown around the world.

Whilst the diversity of media ownership is declining, this documentary is a clear example that there are still forms of media and people that control it, that don’t want to push people’s perceptions of the world in the same direction. This is also known as contested ideologies, a debate between multiple parties about the content of media being published. This is evident as the American film companies tried to gain mass exposure of the film and in Japan “The Cove was banned because using a base venue to display the film could be seen as an endorsement of the film” Wikipedia, 2013. The New York times, being on one side of the media debate, who described the movie as “no angry enviro-rant but a living, breathing movie whose horrifying disclosures feel fully earned”. For the full story,

“The Cove” was used as a media platform and therefore has touched the lives of many. Including  exposing the truth to many innocent people around the world, delivering information to the people of Japan whom were oblivious to the operations and causing conflict for the Japanese government, mwahaha. You decide! The link below will give you access to the whole documentary

If you were compelled by the documentary, which I’m sure you were, take action now! “You don’t have to fly to Taijii to make your voice be heard”


Carl’s Jr Raunchy Cod Fish Sandwhich

Media myth-busting is about determining the inner meaning behind an advertisement or some form of media communication. The image cannot lie, I personally believe is true, but there is much more that lurks beneath the surface. In this week’s lecture (which I actually thoroughly enjoyed) had me captivated by the idea that what we may see in the image, is actually a representation of the real life object/person.

A world renowned American fast food chain, by the name of “Carl’s Jr” has struck the American culture with their provocative and sexual use of female celebrity’s to advertise their products, which would certainly make me buy a burger! However, many female activists and women from the wider public find the sexualisation of a female’s body parts for advertising purposes completely disgusting. With many individuals calling the Carl’s Jr. Commercial “pornographic” as stated in a petition to stop Carl’s Jr.

It is important that we not only view this commercial as a sexual decoy to persuade people to purchase burgers. There is much more meaning lurking beneath it, that we must look at to uncover how this creates emotion and thoughts in the eyes of the audience. This study is also known as semiotics, which was discovered by Ferdinand De Saussure and Charles Peirce. As seen in Lecture 3, 2012 and on the Running Man BlogSpot, are the components that make up a sign, which can be seen below:


The Carl’s Jr. advertisement starring “Nina Agdal” obvious signifiers include a woman, beach, burger, island, bikini, packaging, sunburnt man and writing. But, what evokes us when we see these images? What does it make us think? Everybody’s opinion is different. The signified (in my eyes) provokes thoughts of sexual woman, Nina Agdal, delicious burger, smart marketing, use of celebrities, skinny women, superior women, as well as the writing which obviously determines the product “cod fish sandwich” and the brand Carl’s Jr”.

The connotation of this commercial also evokes deeper meaning through use of context, clothing, colouring, body language etc. So, if anybody (particularly you young men) would like to see more hot celebrity female’s stuffing their faces with burgers, go ahead:

It’s all in the ideology “how society has shaped the idea of individuals” therefore leading to stereotyping. It is not stereotypical that a skinny tanned model would be “downing” such a large greasy burger. Although it is stereotypical that a sexy female celebrity would attract more buyers and onlookers? Did you click the link above? I think so! Making this form of media campaign by Carl’s Jr. increasingly successful around the globe.

I’m hungry and I’m off to eat a burger,


Royal Prank To Blame?

Why hello there (English accent),

Recently in the media an evidently effective prank phone call was made by two 2day FM radio presenters. As we all know, due to the vast array of negative media surrounding the issue, lead to the release of personal information about Kate Middleton’s health whilst pregnant and the death of a young nurse.

However, there are many arising issues relating to the effects model and the connection between the media, individuals and society. My personal belief is that the radio presenters were blamed and should not have been! I think that the death of the young nurse (condolences to her friends and family), were strongly connected to the presenters because society were trying to find someone to blame. Also known as causality, where one thing causes another thing to stir in the media.

This media release was tackled backwards (another problem with the effect’s model) as the cause of death was firstly related to the media, rather than linking the death to the young woman’s social background, identity, health, character and so on. Another loop whole in the effects theory, in strong relation to this worldwide release, is that the model inadequately defines it own subjects. Media is a murky topic and it is difficult to justify what acts are severe and what are merely minor. Who was to say that a prank phone call to the royal hospital was going to cause so much anguish? Let alone lead to suicide?

This prank call wasn’t the only phone call made by a radio station that has been linked to grief or suicide to an individual, but why has society blown this specific phone call out of proportion? Personally I believe it was due to the “royal” status, which has caused many more consequences for the people involved. A strong connection is found here where the effects model is selective in its criticisms of media, suicides and prank phone calls that happen every day, a royal headline or a royal status should not make this case any more important or make the media any more to blame!

Come on society, are we really just looking for something to blame? Media may be a contributing reason, but it is definitely not the main reason!

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